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Wash One has developed a range of services aimed at both private individuals and professional customers. We are available, with a serious offer to afford you the most advantageous format to meet your specific request and needs.
Wash One manages the cleanliness of company vehicle fleets, car dealerships, rental companies, fleet managers, event companies, etc.

Discover our car cleaning services and take advantage of our commitments: the quality of our service, respect for appointment scheduling and favourable pricing.

Carbon descaling cleaning

Extend the life of your engine with the Carbon Cleaning reflex! Thanks to years of development and state-of-the-art technology, you can recover up to 10% of consumption and your original performance in just 45 minutes.

The normal use of your vehicle creates blackish oxidation deposits (carbon) that are deposited in strategic areas of the engine and exhaust. Opt for the internal cleaning of your engine, with our carbon removing hydrogen descaling station.

Ceramic protection

What is a ceramic coating?

It is a silica-based layer that is protective, durable, transparent, smooth and, after it crystallises, is also highly self-cleaning. It can be applied to any surface of your vehicle to ensure optimised protection.

Ceramic coating, how does it work?

It may be a very thin layer, but it is extremely durable. Ceramic coatings are perfectly resistant to chemicals and can be removed by polishing. Although a liquid when they are applied, coatings penetrate into the porous structure of the paint finish and vitrify with it, thereby thickening it considerably. A ceramic coating provides great UV resistance properties, too, so it will prevent your paintwork from oxidising.


2 express options: no appointment needed

Exterior from €17 sales tax included: exterior cleaning + quick dry

Interior-Exterior from €21 sales tax included: exterior cleaning + carpet vacuum cleaning + dashboard dusting + free coffee

Price in blue = HOME CLEANING

Cat. 1 : Citadine/Family Car - Cat. 2 : Berline/Sedan - Cat. 3 : Break - Cat4. : 4x4 / Mono

Exterior washing

Exterior washing

  • Cleaning of rims
  • Cleaning insects on the front panel
  • Shampoo and drying of the bodywork
  • Drying of door jambs

Exterior washing is a basic service that can be supplemented by a variety of more specific services.

Cat 118,50€40,50€
Cat 222,50€42€
Cat 325€44€
Cat 427€46€


 30 min. Wax protector : +3€

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning

  • Drying of door jambs
  • Vacuum cleaning of the passenger compartment and the boot
  • Emptying and cleaning of ashtrays
  • Dusting the interior plastic trim
  • Cleaning of windows, vanity mirrors and the rear-view mirror
  • Application of finishing product to the tyres

Interior cleaning is a basic service that can be supplemented by a variety of more specific services.

Cat 128,50€40,50€
Cat 232,50€42€
Cat 335€44€
Cat 437€46€


 Betw. 30 min. & 45 min.

Interior & exterior Interior cleaning & Exterior washing

Interior & exterior

Interior cleaning & Exterior washing

Cat 141€51,50€
Cat 246€54,50€
Cat 350€58,50€
Cat 454€63€


Wax protector : +3€

Bodywork buffing

Bodywork buffing

This is a manual polishing process for the bodywork of your vehicle. It protects your bodywork from the sun's rays as well as bad weather and allows it to keep its shine for a limited period of time. It is mainly a preventive treatment.

Cat 140€
Cat 250€
Cat 360€
Cat 470€


 Betw. 45 min. & 60 min.

Shampoo seats

Shampoo seats

Shampooing the seats of your vehicle is useful when they are stained or have suffered from patina over time. Our process (with an injection/extraction system) means that textiles will regain their original colour.

Cat 195€
Cat 2105€
Cat 3105€
Cat 4125€


Body polishing

Body polishing

Polishing restores a shiny and new appearance to your bodywork with a process of abrasion to the treated surface. It is suitable for damage caused by scuff marks, light scratches, water stains, inadequate maintenance, acid stains from bird droppings, etc. It is also suitable for dealing with micro-scratches caused by poor washing, in particular those gained from automatic car washes. This work involves the prior exterior washing of the vehicle as well as the application of a revitalisation product on the exterior plastics.

Cat 1225€
Cat 2225€
Cat 3275€
Cat 4295€


Complete leather reconditioning

Complete leather reconditioning

We carry out a thorough cleaning of the leather within your vehicle (the seats, the door panels & the console). Then, we apply a high-quality nourishment cream to the leather surfaces so that they retain (or regain) their original pliability.

Cat 1129€
Cat 2135€
Cat 3135€
Cat 4165€


Complete interior reconditioning

Complete interior reconditioning or int.+ext.

This service involves shampooing all the textiles inside your vehicle, reconditioning the leather surfaces as well as deep cleaning the plastics of your car's interior (the dashboard, storage compartments, the glove box, etc.). Your vehicle is subjected to various abuses, unpleasant smells, storage in poorly ventilated places, use without extra care taken regarding the seats, carpets, storage or loading spaces. It is important to take care of it in an in-depth fashion regularly.

Cat 1200€359€
Cat 2225€399€
Cat 3255€419€
Cat 4280€459€


Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating

This type of protection gives your vehicle's paintwork a virtually tamper-proof, high-gloss shield. The paint will be more resistant against the various external abuses it suffers from, such as UV rays, acid rain, mud, road salt and air pollution. Waterproofing the paintwork will also follow as a result of a thorough treatment, something that makes sure the exterior of your vehicle remains shiny.

Price estimates

Bactericidal gas disinfection

Bactericidal gas disinfection

This gas removes persistent bad smells. In addition, it is an excellent bactericide, fungicide, virus killer with both an insecticidal and arachnid-killing action (chlorophyll fragrance). Coming directly from the aeronautic industry, this product is used by airlines to disinfect cabins before each flight. Without risk to health, this product is also used in hospitals and schools.


Extra services : 

Degreasing the doorways, the boot and tailgate, the engine surround: 


Window anti-rain treatment (3-month warranty):


"Carbon Cleaning" motor descaling: 


Extra fee for cleaning animal hair or very dirty interior type A (20 min.)" : 


Extra fee for cleaning animal hair or very dirty interior type B (30 min.) : 


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